Welcome to Just Being.

Just Being was set up to provide a wellbeing service, providing mindfulness and yoga, which is tailored to individuals both in and out of the workplace.

We live in a fast paced world that often encourages the idea that in order to be internally satisfied we have to rely on external circumstances. The need to succeed means we live much of our life on autopilot, striving and pushing and rarely connected to what we truly need. We attempt to find wholeness and happiness wherever we can, often not paying attention to the stress, worries and anxiety it can cause along the way.

When we connect to our inner essence of optimism, well-being, joy and abundance, life becomes a celebration and we can create a better way of living; rather than spending much of our time looking forward, rushing on to the next thing or worrying about the past.

Just like our bodies require physical activity to keep it strong, healthy and active, our minds are muscles that also require exercise and regulation to keep it strong, happy and active. A lot of time people neglect their minds because they forget this point.

Yoga and mindfulness help still the busy mind enough, to truly reconnect and experience yourself in the present moment.

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