Having been in a corporate environment for many years, I understand the stress and time constraints many people feel.  My challenge is to educate individuals on the importance of wellbeing and to explain that taking time out of their already ‘too busy’ day to focus on mindfulness and wellbeing will actually create a less stressed and more productive person!

So how did I get here ….

A cancer diagnosis and the journey that accompanies it, shifted both my perspective on life and career. Having always dabbled in yoga, it became an absolute lifeline during and after treatment. Through yoga and mindfulness, I found a tool and learnt to give myself permission to rest, understand, adapt and heal.

A corporate solicitor working in the City of London to a wellbeing coach & yoga teacher working wherever the wind blows!!

Following treatment and needing something for myself, I made the decision to leave the City and study again …. a diploma in Stress Management and Relaxation Techniques, Mindfulness Based Stressed Management and Yoga Teacher Training. Predominately taken to increase my own wellbeing, I began to share with family and friends. Sharing both knowledge and experience, I started to witness a positive change in those I worked with and this just fuelled my passion for yoga and mindfulness. It was time to start a new journey … wellbeing coach & yoga teacher!