just being

When we experience stillness, our mind becomes clear and more effective

When our minds and bodies regularly experience stillness, we think more clearly and make better decisions. Just Being runs well-being programmes for forward-thinking leaders and managers who recognise the potential of introducing mindfulness and meditative exercise into their workplace.

Yoga At Work

The Yoga At Work programme helps business owners, senior leaders and staff members to feel more relaxed, energised and clear-headed. The mindful movements that Jodie teaches allows clients to reconnect with their bodies, reduce work-related stress and refocus their minds.

Mindfulness At Work

The Mindfulness At Work programme teaches simple techniques that support and increase participants’ sense of inner security and self worth. Introducing these practices into daily routines also helps to build internal resilience, increases our effectiveness and promotes wellbeing.

Attendees describe Wellbeing At Work as the antidote to work-related stress. They have also noticed increased self-confidence and the ability to naturally shift into a positive mindset. 

5 Key Benefits

1. Transforms our ability to manage stress

2. Heightens our memory and learning ability

3. Enhances interpersonal relations and communication

4. Improves productivity and job satisfaction

5. Reduced absences and staff turnover


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